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Widely published as a photojournalist and fine art photographer his work has appeared in; The Philadelphia Magazine The New York Times, The Christian Science Monitor, James A. Michener Art Museum, (Beauty and Magic), Life Magazine, (Chet Heads for the Hills), Stern, Camera, Creative Camera, The University of Nebraska Bison Press, (Monte Walsh), Scott Foreman & Company, The Daily Kansan, Missouri Highways, The Cleveland Plain Dealer, Western Horseman, St. Mary's Hospital/Mayo Clinic, The Register, Inuit Documentary, University of Kansas, The Philadelphia Evening Bulletin.

Founded/Codirected the Photography Place (1970-1984); a not for profit educational facility that grew into an organization with a National.International reputation and a staff of 15. It was the first of its kind in Philadelphia and 20 years later spawned similar activity. These well known as well as emerging photographers were part of our growth; George Tice, Paul Caponigro, Douglas Mellor, Arnold Newman, Emmit Gowin, George Krause, Stephen Perloff, Eugene Smith, Elliot Erwitt, Sam Abell, Constantine Manos, Brian Peterson, Eva Rubenstein, Paul Runyon, Judy Steinhauser, Gary Winogrand, Tom Shillea, John Weiss, Nancy Hellebrand, Lawrence Saltzman, Thomas Davies, and Howard Brunner. 

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